CRISIS Physics Library

Project Status

Project background

This project has been created to accompany a master's degree thesis on constrained rigid body dynamics and dynamics of articulated figures drawn up by Marek Vondrak at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Prague during 2004-2005 under the supervision of RNDr. Josef Pelikan. The simulator is expected to evolve in the future and improve both in the simulation efficiency and ampleness of supported features, pending sufficicent time, funding, support and positive feedback from the community.

May 5 2007
Sources and binaries are now licensed under a BSD-style license to allow better interoperability with other popular packages.
Oct 10 2006
The following things have changed or been improved since the pre-sourceforge release
  • New powerful linear algebra library based on expression templates was implemented and successfully incorporated to the simulator.
  • Several C++ conformance issues were fixed. The library now builds under MINGW GCC 3.4.4 as well as MSVC 6, 7.1 and 8.
Pre-sourceforge release (Mar 23 2006)

The project is now hosted on SourceForge.